Guest Reviews

Once a guest has visited Trevanion House Holidays, we ask them to complete a survey (which can be done anonymously) giving honest feedback on their stay. 

Don't just take our word for it, here are some of the comments from guests and carers:

"Navigating around your website to complete booking information and care plans etc is extremely well organised and easy to do. [TF] always comes back from being on one of your holidays saying he's had a fantastic time. Whenever I have phoned with an enquiry your staff have always been very helpful and informative." - comments from the key worker of a guest in December 2018

"I enjoyed all the trips and I liked talking to all the staff who are very friendly. They go out of their way to make my holiday safe and enjoyable. I cannot wait to come to Trevanion House for a holiday again." - feedback from a guest in December 2018

"I always enjoy my time at Trevanion House, I find the staff very helpful and kind, nothing is too much trouble for them. They look after me very well." - feedback from a guest in December 2018

"Very good holiday, couldn't really be improved on! Beautiful food! Staff were polite and helpful at all times, much appreciated. Perhaps the holiday diary could be available in larger print - I am partially sighted." [The diary is available in large print, and one has been sent] - feedback from a new guest [RM] in October 2018

"Always very easy to arrange these holidays for our service users and they always enjoy their time with you. They like the choice of outings and meals you provide. All of our service users want to visit again, which is a huge positive as some of our residents have never wanted to go on holiday without us before!" - feedback from carers of guests who spent a fortnight in September 2018

"This is the first time [SD] has had an additional was very easy for us to book this - effortless! Check in and out is very inclusive for S and us. The accommodation, staff and holiday activities are exceptional. This is why S enjoys everything so much, because it all exceeds expectations every stay. It's who the staff are that counts - you provide that. When S stays with you he enjoys himself so much, and during this time we do not have any worries or concerns. You are very special, thank you so much." - feedback from parents of guest staying in July/August 2018

"Dear old and new staff at Trevanion House, I just want to say thanks for the best 2 weeks I've had at Trevanion, hope to be back for 2 weeks again in June next year. Missing you all already...Each visit, holiday gets better..." - thank you card from guest [SD] in July/August 2018

"[BH] came home very happy and elated, he had a wonderful time and would very much like to come again. We know he was in safe hands...we found the staff very professional and helpful, a lovely warm welcome." - parents of a first time guest in May 2018

"[WP] always enjoys his holidays, and the dedication and friendliness of staff pleases him, which is VERY reassuring to me - THANK YOU!" - mother of guest that stayed for 2 weeks in May 2018

"I think you provide a wonderful holiday experience for people with a learning disability. I think you have everything covered, I can't think how else you could improve. You provide a very good holiday which I always recommend." - comments from Shared Lives carer received April 2018

"...the holiday [at Trevanion] is something that really benefits [KJ] and she loves going and meeting up with everyone and the staff too" - feedback from parents received January 2018

"...[Trevanion House is CR's] absolute favourite place ever" - feedback from parents received January 2018

"I've had a lot of fun and made new friends at Trevanion. The staff are amazing! I enjoy going on different trips. I hope it carries on." - email from parent regarding guest JC's comments about his holiday at Trevanion, received in January 2018

"Just a note to thank you so much for making [CR's] Christmas and New year holiday such a success.  She loved every minute of her stay." - email from sister received January 2018 

"[We] would just like to thank you for looking after [KS+KW] both during their numerous summer and Christmas Holidays. They always looked forward to visiting you and always enjoyed their time at Trevanion House. We also especially want to thank you for your kindness and care when KS unexpectedly became ill in October. As you are aware we were 4000 miles away at the time and there was little we could do to help. Your staff were wonderful and did everything you could to assist him, for which we are extremely grateful. You truly are a caring organisation and dealt with K's situation in a very professional manner. We wish you the very best for the future and long may you continue caring for the less able." - email from carers of guests who have visited Trevanion House over 30 times in the past 17 years.

"[RA] has been coming to Trevanion for a very long time and was one of the first with in 1991. We haven't found anywhere else that has the same kind of care and standards as Trevanion and who provide such a comprehensive package.  Much appreciated." - email from parent, received October 2017

"The staff, the food, the choice of outings, the friendly atmosphere...everything really!" - feedback from parent of a guest in September.

"Staff always kind and professional. Staff seem to stay year after year - nice to see familiar faces. Always a good sign if staff are settled. Good value for the cost of the holiday. [CR] enjoyed his holiday and I was able to enjoy mine knowing that he was being looked after. A very big THANK YOU to everyone." - feedback from parent of a guest who has stayed at Trevanion House every August since 2009!

"Over the years [RL] has been to a number of similar holidays but Trevanion is outstandingly the best. I really appreciate the diary which enables us to discuss the holiday in some detail. Thank you!" - comments from carer in August 2017

"I enjoyed all of the holiday. I always have a great time which is why I choose to come back again" - feedback from guest [RL] received in August 2017

"I had another fantastic holiday, thank you. It gets better every year I come back!" - feedback from guest [SD] in July 2017

"Very easy to arrange the stay for [JC]. Staff are very 'one the ball', professional but also personable. I do not worry when J is staying at Trevanion because it seems so well organised. J LOVES his holidays at Trevanion...that says it all! Thank you." - feedback from parent of a guest in July 2017

"Good value and, from feedback I get, caring and attentive staff. [KM] has been staying with you for many years and has always been very positive about her holiday experiences." - feedback from brother of a guest in July 2017

"First time [THH was] used by us for [BB]. [The service provided] felt very caring and thorough. We appreciated help/info via telephone conversations prior to and during booking procedures. Felt very welcome from the outset! Thank you to all" - feedback from relatives of a new guest in July 2017

"It is always very easy booking and then checking in and out of Trevanion. The staff are friendly and efficient. We feel totally safe leaving [OD] with you knowing he is looked after and respected. Just keep going with your amazing service. Trevanion has changed O's and our own lives for the better. We have total trust in Trevanion." - feedback from parents received July 2017

"[MR] loves coming to Trevanion, meeting with friends, loved all the trips. Excellent service. I absolutely love the photo diary we get each year - thank you!" - feedback from parent received July 2017

"It was all good ~ thank you! Re-booked to come again in August 2017 [food was excellent]" - feedback from guest [NB] that stayed in June

"Just to let you know [CR] tells me she had a wonderful time with you at Trevanion House during her recent summer holiday. C sends her thanks and very best wishes to everyone and is looking forward to her Christmas break with you." - email from sister-in-law received June 2017

"[SF] had a 'fantastic' time, and lots of things were 'awesome'. Thank you" - email from parents, June 2017

"I know that my son [AW] is in safe hands. He enjoys the range of activities & outings, excellent meals & menu choices. Very clean rooms." - feedback from parent, June 2017

"PC informs me that he had a great holiday. He has said that he liked playing the games that were organised and has even said that he would like to continue to go bowling here in Brighton. I would like to thank you for making it a memorable trip for PC" - feedback from support team, June 2017

"Staff made me feel welcome, everyone very friendly and would do anything for you." - comment from new guest JM, June 2017

"I liked all of it" - feedback from guest RS, June 2017

"The food is great in the new restaurant!" - comment from guest PP, June 2017

"Professional & friendly staff...good induction given on outings were stimulating & exciting but also there were enough breaks...we felt safe & looked after & staff were always available if help was needed...evening activities were fun!" - comments from carer & guest that stayed at Trevanion House for a week in May 2017

"To all staff...we would like to thank you for the lovely time...we enjoyed our day trips and evening events and would also like to say thank you to the chef for preparing very yummy meals! It was nice knowing you, you are all very kind and welcoming, thank you for taking good care of us! We hope to see you soon again! - thank you card from guests received May 2017

"Many thanks for all the lovely holidays you have provided NB with, I know he enjoys them." - letter from brother received February 2017

"I enjoyed it all!" - comment from guest received January 2017

"All of our residents have always loved the holidays, and the outings and food especially. Excellent value for money and we know that people using your service will be offered great day activities and be looked after." - review from carer received January 2017

"Just wanted to say a big thank you on behalf of my brother LC and our family, he arrived home last night after spending a fabulous week with you. LC and TF are already planning their next visit!!! Thanks again, keep up the good work, it's also respite for me to know he is somewhere that takes great care of their guests."

- review on Facebook December 2016

"Reliability, consistency, and the pleasure it gives KM"

- feedback from relative regarding the service provided by Trevanion House, received November 2016

"Always an enjoyable break for PR. He looks forward to his Trevanion House holidays, many thanks. Professionally run and very caring service."

- feedback from carer received October 2016

"JR had a lovely holiday. Thank you to all the staff involved."

- letter from support worker received August 2016

"In my opinion you truly understand and care about people with disabilities...SM loved spending time within the environment created at your holiday home."

- email from sister received August 2016

"Thank you for providing this service, I am sure J will be back. We are always confident J will be well looked after and will have a good time."

- comments from parents received July 2016

"What a fun week I've had! It was my first time coming here. I was nervous at first as I did not know anyone, but it was by far the best holiday I've had in the UK and I can't wait to come back next year. Thanks to all the lovely staff for making this such a great holiday x"

- review by a guest on our Facebook page July 2016

"I am most grateful that you provide such a good holiday for my twin daughters, caring for them and helping them as needed."

- feedback from parent of guests staying in June 2016

"Thank you so much for my lovely holiday and the chef for delicious vegetarian food."

- card from guest staying in June 2016

"Would just like to thank you and all your staff for looking after my N the last 2 weeks. She's had the most wonderful time:-) "
- Email from parent, July 2016

"Just wanted to say thank you to all of you for making M's holiday special this year. He's had a wonderful time again. He loved the special party too. It's so lovely for us that we know he's in safe hands and having a lovely time, keep up the excellent standard of care."

- Email from parent, June 2016

"I liked going out with people and making new friends. There was not anything I didn't like, I liked all of it!"

- Review by guest NW, June 2016

"Thank you once again to all of the staff for looking after W so well, he has been telling everyone what a lovely time he had at Trevanion House..."

- Telephone call from parent, June 2016

"...thank you for everything, TA loves coming to Trevanion House."

- Email from support worker, May 2016

"Thank you to all the caring staff who give W a fantastic holiday every year."

- Letter from mother, May 2016

"Thank you all very much for such a wonderful holiday at Trevanion House. I would like to come again next year. My favourite days were the steam train and Lost Gardens of Heligan, and the evening activities that I enjoyed a lot."

- Letter from CW, Somerset, April 2016

"NR has not stopped talking about Trevanion since she came to you last year. When I told her she was going again this year, she kept punching the air saying ‘YES YES!'"

- Email from parents, 2016

"CR tells me she had a fabulous time with you all at Christmas and is looking forward to seeing you again this summer."

- Email from sister, 2016

"Dear friends at Trevanion House, SD yet again had a fantastic holiday with you this year. It really is a highlight of his year and something he looks forward to so much. He is hoping to come again next year...Many thanks once again - you do an amazing job, making such a significant difference to those coming under your care."

- Letter from parents, 2015

"Thanks for having me. I enjoyed my stay. You deserve the Triple Platinum Crown Award. Well done Trevanion. Love you all!"

- G.L from Cornwall

"Really, really want to come again. Thank-you for having me"

- C.D from Northants

"I enjoyed this week and you are CLASS!! Trevanion is simply the BEST!!"

- L.G from Cornwall

"I always love coming on holiday here and can't wait to come back"

- C.B from Bristol

"Enjoyed my holiday very much. I hope to see you next year. Best ever!"

- L.K from Birmingham

"Mini buses clean and tidy. Liked new staff. Chef needs a gold star, good food choices"

- A.L from Bucks

"Caul looked so well after his stay at Trevanion. Thankyou!"

- Care worker from London

"Thank you for all your help with S. Felt confident she was in safe hands"

- Mother from East Sussex