A huge Thank You to all of our loyal guests

We know that there are a lot of disappointed people who had booked to stay at Trevanion House Holidays between April and June 2020.  We look forward to seeing you all again as soon as it is safe to open back and the country gets the 'all clear' from this dreadful virus.

In the meantime, hold on to the happy memories.  We will get through this.

Click here to visit our gallery, which is full of lovely photos of holidays with us in Cornwall.

Below are some of the heart-warming emails we have received recently in support of our service:

 I am writing on behalf of my two daughters [C&S]. We have lost count as to how many times they have come to Trevanion House for a holiday and after each holiday they ask when they can go again! The holiday gives them the indepence for which they yearn. We put them on the train and you kindly pick them up at Bodmin Parkway. They like the familiarity of returning and know so many of the staff. They even know which is their preferred room in which they can stay!! Very often they have asked me this year whether they would be able to come and are so pleased that the answer will be yes ( fingers crossed ). My husband and I sincerely hope you will be able to continue. Now that their walking has deteriorated,it is good that you are able to provide a carer for them when you take them out on trips. Keep up the good work!!

To all at Trevanion House Holidays,
The service which everyone gives at THH is priceless - for local people and those from further afield who look forward to their supported holidays. The choice of visits, events, entertainment and varied menus is extremely extensive and is backed up with photographic evidence. Mentally and physically rewarding. Friendships are made and renewed - at least once and often twice each year. Professional care, understanding and tireless effort is obvious from the outset. Don't forget the respite, fun, laughter and precious memories that remain. Continued opportunity to experience this is so important  - particularly after a challenging 'Pandemic Lockdown' which has restricted such freedom.  May Trevanion House Holidays SURVIVE !!! Thank you to all.

I think trevanion is a wonderful place for people with learning disabilities to go and have a holiday its really nice relaxing atmosphere in the hotel, the staff/managers are really helpful and friendly and they take u to some lovely places which most people would not b able to accsess without this  vital service.  I haven't been to trevanion for a few years but the times I have i had the most wonderful time ever especially since I was going through some stressful times. I was able to go there and forget it all and gave me the opportunity to make lots of new friends. I hope what I have written is of help to u and I wish u every success in getting your services back up and running keep safe and take care.

Just wanted to add our voices and support to your brilliant service at Trevanion, the ladies are so looking forward to being able to rebook the holiday that they were meant to have on 19th March.
Your absolute professional and personal service is so important to them and also to me as their carer, I know that they are in very safe and loving hands when they come to you and that enables me to relax and enjoy a break myself.
I hope you get all the support you need in order to continue and we will be in contact soon to make a booking once it is safe to do so.

My son has learning difficulties and has been going to Trevanion House for a week’s holiday for several years . This year due to Covid-19 he was devasted not to be able to attend.  The holiday was booked for June to coincide with the Royal Cornwall show as he is classed as “ at risk “ due to an underlying heart condition I had to cancel the holiday. Trevanion House staff provide an amazing holiday for any age group with any sort of difficulty where they are treated with dignity and respect that most of us take for granted. The twenty four hour care provided is excellent. My son a number of years ago was very ill for two years with severe anxiety due to constantly being threatened and bullied because he was different. He lost his confidence and had a very poor image of himself, not wanting to leave the family home where he felt secure . Before this happened he was a very happy teenager very sociable enjoyed outings and attending disco’s as most young people do. An acquaintance mentioned Trevanion House Holidays to my late husband and myself and said how caring the staff were . After making enquiries we tentatively booked a week’s holiday for our son. We booked into a hotel nearby as this was the first time he had had a holiday without a family member, his speech is dysfluent making it difficult for him to express how he feeling more so with complete strangers . Due to my age I have asked A’s two cousins, they live many miles away, to continue to book A’s holiday each year at Trevanion House for the future as this the only place that he will go without an advocate or a family member . I sincerely hope that Trevanion House will continue to provide such wonderful holidays for many years to come.

Trevanion House has provided me with wonderful breaks, & respite for my wife. I enjoy the trips out and the food is 1st class. The staff are excellent & provide care and attention at the highest level to each individual. I was highly impressed when I had only been to Trevanion once, a year later when I returned you remembered my name and the things I like eg cars & engines, which resulted in a trip to Haines Motor Museum. Thank you for all that you do & I hope I get to see you all this year and enjoy another break.

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