Some amazing guest statistics!

Over 92% of our guests this year have holidayed with Trevanion House before!  If fact, repeat visits over the past 5 years have been consistently over 90%, which means we must be doing something right. 

Of course, we always welcome enquiries and visits from new guests, so if you think a Trevanion House Holiday might be for you then please get in touch.

The 11 guests in this picture have, in total, visited Trevanion House Holidays over 121 times!  10 guests have not missed a year in the last 5 years, and 8 have never missed a year since they started coming!  One guest has had 27 holidays with us, another having made his first visit in 1996!

We look forward to many more happy holidays with our wonderful guests, both repeat and new!

Trevanion House Holidays Ltd - providing supported holidays for adults with learning disabilities since 1991!

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